Do you need help increasing the effectiveness of your organization or church’s ministry? Do you need coaching as an individual to bring clarity and focus to your vocational goals? Are you part of a team that needs to improve communication and work-flow management to become more productive and improve employee engagement? Is your church or organization in a transitional period needing to take advantage of the interim time to clarify your mission strategy and leadership needs? Do you need help developing a strategic plan to increase productivity and organizational success?

Joe Ramsay has spent over 30 years working as a United Church minister, a personnel manager, consultant, coach and small business entrepreneur. His knowledge of social and organizational systems, human resource management and business strategies can help you and your organization assess, plan and succeed. Check out the services below, or contact Joe for a custom solution to your personal or work related challenges.

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Strategic Planning

Organizational Planning

The right kind of planning will significantly increase your organization’s chances of achieving your mission. Using open space technology and world cafe methodologies, Joe can lead your organization in a process for crystallizing mission goals, identifying stakeholders, committing to actions within the scope of the mission, creating a communication plan and, finally, a plan of action. Read more about the process here.

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Development

Organizations sometimes reach a point where they realize they need the objective expertise of outside consultation. As an organizational consultant, Joe Ramsay and Associates can bring a fresh perspective along with knowledge and experience that have helped organizations succeed. Click here for information on how organizational consultation might help.

Sacred Conversations - Five Oaks

Conversations that Matter

Today’s organizations, businesses and institutions must continuously adapt if they are to remain relevant and effective. The most common cause of failure in leadership is produced by treating adaptive challenges as if they were technical problems, writes Ron Heifetz in The Practice of Adaptive Leadership. Knowing the difference between a technical fix and an adaptive solution is the key to continuous transition and growth for any organization. Find out more here.

Birkman Method®

Team Building with The Birkman

Use the Birkman Report to gain insights into your optimal work style and build your team. The Birkman is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment reporting behavioral styles, motivations, expectations, stress behaviors, and occupational interests. Through this unique and proprietary methodology, Joe can help you improve your productivity and job satisfaction, or build your staff team. Read more here.

Vocational counselling

Vocational Counselling

Joe works as an associate with Six Oaks Ministry Development Services. In partnership with a team of ministry vocation experts, Joe is able to provide a vocational assessment for personal growth and discernment, or to assist judicatories in assessing ministry competency and remedial actions. Click here to learn more.

Interim Ministry Consulting

Interim Ministry Consulting

Most faith communities today are experiencing an extraordinary need for transformation. Sometimes the need arises from a specific event within the community such as the departure of a long-term ministry leader, a crisis within the community, or a sudden change in the social context. Other times, the need arises slowly, as internal and external changes create the need for a renewed understanding of purpose and mission. One way of intentionally addressing the opportunity for transition is to work with a ministry consultant who can lead a process of evaluation, reflection and planning. Read more about interim ministry consulting here.

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